Please read the conditions for use of the services of which are listed below. Using the services offered by implies that you have read and understood these General Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with their provisions.

What data do we collect and when on VALDINICOUTURE.COM?
When you place an order on we ask you for certain personal data to provide you with the products or services you request. This personal data includes:

  • contact details including name, email, telephone number and shipping, billing address;
  • marketing preferences such as gender, name & email.

The information we do not collect :
We will never collect credit/debit card information as we use a third party payment processor to handle this information securely. None of your credit/debit card information is ever stored anywhere on our website.

How do we use your personal data on VALDINICOUTURE.COM?
When you use our site, we will use your personal data to provide the requested product or service. For example, if you make a purchase on we will use the contact information you give us to communicate with you about the purchase. If you contact our customer services, we will use information about you, such as delivery or payment information, or the product you have purchased to help you resolve a problem or question.

When you consent, we will send you marketing communications and news regarding Valdini Couture’s latest products, collections, editorials and other promotions.

You can opt-out at any time after you have given your consent.

Sharing of your personal data:
As an independent retailer, we do not, and will not, sell any of your personal data to any third party including your name, address, email address, or credit card information.

Contact us:
If you have any questions or feedback regarding this statement, you can contact us at

Email Marketing on VALDINICOUTURE.COM:

We use MailerLite to manage our email marketing subscriber list and to send emails to our subscribers. MailerLite is a third-party provider, which may process your data using industry standard technologies to help us monitor and improve our newsletter.

MailerLite’s privacy policy is available at

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided at the end of each newsletter.

Access to use of this site and the products and services offered, are accessible via this site, hereinafter collectively referred to as “Services”, is subject to the following conditions, time limits and remarks, as regulated by the present GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE OF THE SERVICES OF VALDINICOUTURE.COM.

The present General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationships between VALDINI COUTURE EOOD, in its capacity as operator of the site, hereinafter referred to as “VALDINI COUTURE” or “WE”, of the one part, and the persons using services provided by the site, as well as the persons making distance purchases administrated via the online store of Valdini Couture:, hereinafter referred to as “USERS” and/or “CONSUMERS” and/or “YOU”, of the other part.


1.1. In the present General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are used with the following meanings:

Valdini Couture means a corporation registered under the Commerce Act of the Republic of Bulgaria, with registered office and address of the place of management at 88 Kliment Ohridski Blvd., Sofia Municipality, Sofia City Region, entered in the Commercial Register with the Registry Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria under UIC: 206349726, e-mail:; SITE means an Internet site, including an online store, operating under the domain name;
SERVICES means using the functionalities of the site and making distance purchases and sales of goods (items) according to the present General Terms and Conditions.

USERS are natural or legal persons satisfying the present conditions, using services provided by the site and/or making distance purchases, in their capacity as buyers, via the online store;
ORDER means a user’s request for a distance purchase and sale of one or more particular item supplied by the online store and confirmed by e-mail indicated in advance by the consumers upon their registration.
DISTANCE PURCHASE AND SALES CONTRACT is a distance contract for the purchase and sale of goods concluded between VALDINI COUTURE, in its capacity as seller, of the one part, and each user of the online store, in his or her capacity as buyer, of the other part, in consideration of payment of the purchase price, under the present General Terms and Conditions.

1.2. Valdini Couture reserves the right to manage, regulate, control and modify, as it sees fit and in its sole discretion, in any general or specific case, the content of the site and/or the online store, as well as the present General Terms and Conditions for use of the services of VALDINICOUTURE.COM, without prior notice.


2.1. The present General Terms and Conditions apply to a free use of the functionalities of the site, as well as to all orders and distance sales contracts which are to be made and concluded with us for the distance sale and delivery of goods (items). Nothing in these rules and conditions prejudices your legitimate consumer rights, including your right to insist that the goods you purchase must answer their description, must be fit for the purpose they are made for, and must be of satisfactory quality.

2.2. By clicking on any link, button or application located on the site, with the exception of the link to these General Terms and Conditions, users expressly and unconditionally agree with the present General Terms and Conditions for use of particular functionalities of the site and the online store. You can browse the site freely without registration.

2.3. The present General Terms and Conditions furthermore regulate the deliveries of each item you order from Valdini Couture. By ordering a particular item, you agree to be legally bound by a Purchase and Sales Contract governed by the applicable law and these General Terms and Conditions.


3.1. You accept the present General Terms and Conditions indefinitely, as from the moment of your registration and/or use of any service whatsoever provided by Valdini Couture, via the site or the online store.

3.2. Using the site and/or the online store implies that you have familiarised yourself and have agreed with any subsequent change of the present General Terms and Conditions.

3.3. Each user of VALDINI COUTURE is deemed bound by a Distance Purchase and Sales Contract upon making distance purchases implemented via the online store operating under the domain name The distance purchase and sales contract is deemed concluded as from the moment in which VALDINI COUTURE confirms your particular order, under terms for validation of the orders specified in the present General Terms and Conditions, Section VII Orders.


4.1. VALDINI COUTURE seeks to ensure security and confidentiality in safeguarding your data provided in the course of, and in connection with, the use of the services of the site. We will not share, resell or distribute your personal details for any other campaign or with any other organisation, as well as any information you provide to us in connection with the registration procedure provided for in the site. This information is provided solely and exclusively to your own benefit and for the purpose of obtaining the service you request from us. We may analyze statistics on the basis of the data provided by consumers on the site solely and exclusively in order to improve the quality of service.

4.3. In connection with the provision of specified services, VALDINI COUTURE requires from users to provide exactly defined information, such as name, address of delivery, e-mail address, age, telephone number, in order to authenticate the users and to send notices related to VALDINI COUTURE services requiring registration. We may use an e-mail address you have made available in order to send you updates or news related to the services we offer.

4.3. VALDINI COUTURE uses cookies in order to save your preferences, for the purpose of customising the services offered in line with your user profiles. Please consider that our confidentiality policy regulates only information gathered for VALDINI COUTURE and VALDINI COUTURE is not responsible for the confidentiality rules and/or confidentiality practices of other sites to which it has provided links.

4.4. VALDINI COUTURE employs reasonable measures for the protection of any information provided by the users on the site, which is stored in our database, and we grant access to such information only to our employees who need it to perform their working functions. The user accounts in VALDINI COUTURE are safeguarded by passwords. VALDINI COUTURE guarantees that the information in the user accounts is confidential. Please note that we cannot guarantee the security upon unauthorised entry or use, and other factors that may expose to a risk the security of information at any time.

4.5. VALDINI COUTURE will treat information regarding personal data of all users as confidential and in strict conformity with the legislation of the European Union regulating personal data protection.

4.6. In order to ensure the security of your payments, we use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology via PayPal. This means that when an order is placed on, the entire information is encrypted, making your data appear as a meaningless string of apparently arbitrary symbols. When these symbols reach our web server, the SSL software of the server converts them back into useful information. The same happens to the data you receive from our server. To guarantee that your credit or debit card is not used without your consent, we will validate the name, address and other personal details you provide in the process of ordering against the relevant databases of third parties. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you consent to these checks.


5.1. Within the VALDINI COUTURE site and/or online store, you can use the following services:

browse the content of the site and/or the online store;
make distance purchases and sales of goods (items);
compile and use data and information provided about specified items.

5.2. VALDINI COUTURE produces, executes and offers for distance sale high-quality limited lines of designer apparel and accessories of its own brand and distinctive design.

5.3. VALDINI COUTURE takes meticulous care of the information it provides about each of its items offered for sale via the online store The information is accurate, clear and detailed and provides particulars about the various sizes, a detailed description of the type of materials, the quality requirements applied in the execution, details about the manner of production, including information about the use of handwork in the hand-crafting or hand-finishing of the items.

5.4. The crafting and finishing of each of the items supplied by VALDINI COUTURE involves, among other things, handwork and imagination, and in this sense VALDINI COUTURE does not guarantee that each item has an identical texture of the type of material used (real leather, a weave of wool fabrics, silver elements) or an individual approach to apparel hemming.

5.4. The images published on the site are of high quality resolution in order to present as accurately as possible the texture of the materials used and the colours of the various items. Nevertheless, the colours, their brightness and clarity will depend on your personal monitors, and in this sense VALDINI COUTURE is unable to guarantee that they correspond to the actual ones.

5.5. VALDINI COUTURE provides its services including scheduled and unscheduled interruptions. All aspects of the services are subject to change or removal in the sole discretion of VALDINI COUTURE.

5.6. VALDINI COUTURE reserves the right to refuse to provide a service temporarily or indefinitely, and this includes reserving the right to cancel, at its discretion, unconfirmed orders or to erase inactive profiles.

5.7. The services of VALDINI COUTURE are provided as they are and as far as available. VALDINI COUTURE does not guarantee that the services will meet your requirements or that the services will be provided continuously, in a timely fashion, securely or without errors.


6.1. The registration procedure on the site is completely voluntary and free of charge. The registration is necessary when making distance purchases via the online store of VALDINI COUTURE. In order to register, you have to complete the registration form which can be accessed here.

6.2. After completing the registration procedure, you create a profile in VALDINI COUTURE. Your profile is accessible by means of a user name and a password that you select when you complete the registration form. Registered users are able to compile a list of favourite products, to add several delivery addresses and to choose between them, and to be e-mailed information and offers by us. The particulars required for registration are: name, patronymic and surname, address of delivery, contact telephone, and electronic mail.

6.3. By successfully completing your registration, you confirm that the personal details you provide upon the registration procedure are true, accurate and up-to-date in every respect. VALDINI COUTURE disclaims all liability for any information that is submitted untruly, incorrectly or inaccurately, for any true information that is submitted in a misleading manner, as well as for any misprints.

6.4. By successfully completing the registration, you confirm that:

you are an adult, aged 18 or older;
you have read and accept the present General Terms and Conditions.

6.5. VALDINI COUTURE is absolutely unable to control whether infant users obtain access to the services it provides and does not guarantee that infant or underage users can make distance purchases via the online store of VALDINI COUTURE.

6.6. Please consider that you are fully responsible for all activities carried out through your profile or under the profile name. Disclosing your access password to another person is entirely at your own risk.


7.1. To place an order to the online store of VALDINI COUTURE, the user must point the item he or she has selected and specify details regarding size, quantity and terms of delivery. The order is activated to the online store of VALDINI COUTURE by pressing the button “buy”, which is located below the particulars of delivery of the item(s) concerned.

7.2. An order is accepted when we expressly confirm your order by means of an electronic letter to the e-mail address you have indicated, in the form of a document entitled “order confirmation”, which states that we accept your order. The e-mailed confirmation lists the item ordered, quantity, order number, and date and hour when the order was placed.

7.3. In case a particular item ordered is out of stock, a VALDINI COUTURE consultant will advise the user when the item will be in stock. If the user does not agree to the delay of the order or to order another item (similar model), the order may be cancelled.

7.4. Orders in the online store of VALDINI COUTURE ( are accepted 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week.

7.5. Orders received from users who have stated incorrect particulars upon their registration may be cancelled. VALDINI COUTURE reserves the right to notify users of incorrect particulars or missing particulars in your profile when the orders are processed, and if it does not receive correct particulars from you within 48 (forty-eight) hours, such orders will be assigned a “cancelled” status as being impossible to fulfil.

7.6. The order confirmation sent to your e-mail address is considered to be a conclusion of a Distance Purchase and Sales Contract between you and VALDINI COUTURE, operating under the domain name of Our order confirmation is considered to have taken effect when it was sent to the electronic address you have indicated in the registration form even if, for any reasons beyond the control of VALDINI COUTURE, the electronic letter has not reached you.

7.7. You may withdraw an order placed without having to state any reasons for your withdrawal not later than the confirmation of the order on the part of VALDINI COUTURE. An order may be withdrawn by means of an electronic mail to the e-mail address indicated on the site: To be considered valid, a withdrawal must state: order number, name and surname, and e-mail address as registered on the site, as well as the price of the order.

7.8. VALDINI COUTURE may terminate the contract if an item you have ordered is not available for any reason whatsoever. If this is the case, we will inform you and will refund the full amount of the sum if you have already paid for any such item.


8.1. The prices of the items supplied in the online store of VALDINI COUTURE are quoted in the following currencies from among which you can choose: EUR or USD.

8.2. While we take every care in describing all details and prices related to the items supplied, mistakes may occur. If you find any mistake in the price of the items ordered, please inform us as soon as possible and we will enable you to confirm your order at the correct price or to cancel it.

8.3. VALDINI COUTURE reserves the right to correct any mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions and to modify or update any information on items supplied at any time without notice. VALDINI COUTURE reserves the right to refuse to fulfill orders about which information containing mistakes or inaccuracies has been indicated, including without limitation mistakes and inaccuracies regarding prices, currency conversion, delivery, terms of payment or return of items supplied..


9.1. You may pay the price of items you have ordered, which are supplied by our online store, using one of the following options of your choice:

Payment via PayPal registration. Pay securely via Debit/Credit Card through Stripe Gateway, Pay by Wire /Bank/ transfer.

9.2. By accepting the present General Terms and Conditions, you give your express and unconditional consent to pay VALDINI COUTURE in advance the full selling price of the items that you order via the online store of VALDINI COUTURE. In case of payment by bank transfer, consider that you should allow for extra payment of possible bank charges and commissions so that the bank transfer can reach the bank account of VALDINI COUTURE.

9.3. To make distance purchases via the online store of VALDINI COUTURE, you must hold a bank account by which you can effect bank transfers or a valid debit or credit card by which to back an electronic settlement account in the online settlement system of PayPal.

9.4. When we receive the order, we run a standard check via the online settlement system of PayPal to ensure that there are sufficient funds on your PayPal account to cover the cost of your order.

9.5. VALDINI COUTURE reserves the right to receive validation of the payment information before delivering the items ordered. Please consider that if the currency of the payment card differs from the currency of the payment, the amount payable will be translated according to the exchange rate of the card issuer applicable on the day. If the payment card issuer refuses to authorise payment to VALDINI COUTURE, VALDINI COUTURE will not be liable for any delay or failure to execute the order. VALDINI COUTURE will inform you of any impossibility to execute the order.


10.1. VALDINI COUTURE seeks to deliver the items ordered to users at a place and to a named person of your choice, in perfect condition and within the shortest time. VALDINI COUTURE takes special care to prevent any loss or disappointment as a result of the time taken to deliver the items ordered.

10.2. VALDINI COUTURE makes deliveries without territorial limits, worldwide, with the help of reliable partners. Please consider that the cost of delivery is added automatically by VALDINI COUTURE, depending on the type of delivery, the address of delivery, the destination country and the weight of the shipment.

10.3. Depending on the type of delivery you choose, VALDINI COUTURE makes door-to-door deliveries to the address of delivery stated in the registration form within the following tentative periods:

express deliveries, via an express courier firm, within one to three working days;
standard deliveries, via registered mail, within five to twelve working days.

10.4. The tentative delivery periods begin to run from the date of dispatch of the items ordered, and VALDINI COUTURE disclaims any liability for any delays whatsoever due to any local customs clearance procedures. Said tentative periods apply without prejudice to the delivery periods applied by the express courier organisations with which VALDINI COUTURE works for various destination countries.

10.5. If the items ordered cannot be delivered within the stated tentative periods, VALDINI COUTURE will inform users and will make an effort to implement the delivery as soon as practically possible. In any case, VALDINI COUTURE reserves the right to extend the stated periods unilaterally, without given notice to users, by up to 7 (seven) days.

10.6. Deliveries are received in the standard manner: by hand, upon signed acknowledgment. If handing a delivery to a user in person proves to be impossible or is hindered, the deliveries are handed to household members or to persons named by the users, taking a note of the name of the person who received the delivery and his or her relationship to the user. After two failures to hand the delivery, the distance sales contract is automatically terminated, and in such case, as a sanction for its non-performance on the part of the users, VALDINI COUTURE will retain all sums paid by the users.

10.7. Data and information about the progress of the delivery and the time for its execution will be sent to your electronic mail address stated for contact in the registration form, together with the order confirmation or later. If you have ordered several types of items at one and the same time, the items ordered may be delivered at different times.


11.1. Discounts may be offered to selected customers, respecting the policy of confidentiality and discretion.

11.2. Discount privileges may be announced at any time, in connection with any item supplied by VALDINI COUTURE.


12.1. VALDINI COUTURE seeks to achieve full satisfaction of its users. Customer satisfaction is a top priority of VALDINI COUTURE, and in this sense VALDINI COUTURE pays attention to each request for return or to each particular case of a claim, in order to provide the best service to its users.

12.2. If the items delivered are non-conforming to the items ordered, or if any apparent defect or damage is noticed, please contact us immediately at e-mail: The Customer Service Department of VALDINI COUTURE will do everything possible to correct the mistake or provide a refund or replacement of the articles, in accordance with our claims policy.

12.3. VALDINI COUTURE hopes that users are pleased with the items purchased and offers a full refund of the sum paid or replacement of the items purchased in case of claims, return and/or replacement in case of opting for a size other than the size ordered which is available.

12.4. You can return items purchased from VALDINI COUTURE if they are not worn, used and damaged. To obtain a refund of the sum paid or a replacement of items, they must be preserved and returned to VALDINI COUTURE in an excellent condition, without indications of wear, use or damage, complete with all labels attached to them, in the original packaging, accompanied by the purchase documents (a copy of an original invoice and/or a copy of a cash register receipt, together with the relevant goods received note).

12.5. The return and/or replacement of items purchased is affected under the following conditions:

You must notify VALDINI COUTURE of your intention to return or to replace an item purchased, and you must send a request for return or replacement of a particular item at the electronic address stated:

The return and/or replacement of items purchased is affected under the following conditions:
You must notify VALDINI COUTURE of your intention to return or to replace an item purchased, and you must send a request for return or replacement of a particular item at the electronic address stated:

You have the right to return or exchange the purchased items within 14 days after the arrival of the goods. The effective arrival of the goods date equivalents to the ‘Delivered’ status of the corresponding DHL waybill.

Items must be returned in the same condition and state as received.Any claim, return and/or replacement of items beyond these periods will not be accepted.

The value of all successfully returned items, which satisfy the conditions for return of items stated above, will be refunded to the account of the user after deducting the flat rate fee of 15€ for all return & refund purchases. All returns for exchange is free of charge globally.

International customers have 14 days to return items back to us after we confirm the return process. For the moment we are not able to offer free global delivery for return & refund order.

You can choose to cancel your Order within 14 days of the DHL Delivered date event provided.

We only offer a refund of the charges if you cancel the Order within the 14 days of the DHL Delivered date event.
We shall not offer a refund if you do not complete the Return & Exchanges policy.

The value of all successfully returned items, which satisfy the conditions for return of items stated above, will be refunded to the account of the user after deducting the flat rate fee of 15€ for all return & refund purchases. All returns for exchange is free of charge globally.

For all international deliveries, please allow up to 5-10 days for your package to reach us, then a further 5-7 working days for refunds & exchanges to be processed. This time period can be shorter depending on the return delivery via DHL.

12.6. Please note that VALDINI COUTURE supplies new and unused items, with a brand sign and label attached to them. VALDINI COUTURE does not sell used items and will not accept any items with any indication of use. In such cases, the item will be returned to the user. VALDINI COUTURE disclaims liability for any item which has not been returned in the condition described above.

Please contact us at to start your exchange or return process.

Follow the steps below to return your purchase via DHL:

1. Email us at to clarify whether you wish to exchange or return items.
2. Provide us with information which item/s you would like to exchange/return and the suitable working day you would like DHL courier to visit you and collect the package.
3. Print out your pick up label and documents, which we will forward to you. DHL will get in touch with you in order to make arrangements at your convenience.
4. Remove all previous labels and prepare the new pick up label to your package.
5. Pack the return items only in DHL Express flyer bags – such bags can be provided by DHL representative courier or at your local DHL drop-off service point.
6. Once we receive and examine the items, we will process any further steps /exchanges or returns/.

Exchanges are free of charge and the cost of return will be deducted from your refund. The return cost is a flat rate fee of 15€.


13.1. VALDINI COUTURE shall not be liable to users for any failure to execute a delivery of items as ordered, including for any delay of any such delivery, or for any damage or defect whatsoever of items caused by any event or circumstance whatsoever beyond its control, including without limitation any acts of third parties (hackers, suppliers, governments, supranational or local authorities), insurrection, riot, civil commotion, war, hostilities, warlike operations, national emergencies, terrorism, piracy, arrests, restrictions of any competent authority, strikes, epidemic, fire, explosion, storm, flood, drought, weather conditions, earthquakes, natural disaster and accident, including mechanical breakdown of software, failure or problems with supplies to public services (including electric, telecommunications or Internet provision), lack of or inability to obtain any consumable supplies, materials, equipment or transport, as a result of a force majeure, whether such circumstances could have been foreseen or not.


14.1. The entire content of the site and the domain, including without limitation images, photographs, illustrations, graphics, sound effects, music, audio and video content, computer programs, data compilations, animation, as well as other creative output to which you have access, constituting protected works within the meaning of the applicable law on international copyright and related rights, is the property of VALDINI COUTURE. Please consider that you assume the entire responsibility for any use of these works infringing the rights of VALDINI COUTURE.

14.2. The content of the site is accessible solely for personal, non-commercial use by the users of the site. Please note that you can download graphics or images of selected portions of the content, provided that they are for you own non-commercial use, which by no means prejudices the substance and scope of the rights of VALDINI COUTURE.

14.3. Please note that any unauthorised copying, retrieval, reproduction, modification, publication, distribution, retransmission or creation of derivative works from the protected works of VALDINI COUTURE for the purpose of commercial exploitation constitutes an unauthorised use and infringement of rights of VALDINI COUTURE.

14.4. Any trademarks and logos, registered or unregistered marks of VALDINI COUTURE, published on the site, are protected under the applicable law and by international treaties in the field of intellectual property.


15.1. The use of this site and any content published on it, including all distance purchase contracts for items which are concluded as a result of the use of this site or online store, conform to Bulgarian legislation. The parties to any such contract agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Republic of Bulgaria.

15.2. The present General Terms and Conditions are drawn up in the Bulgarian language, accompanied by a legalised translation into the English language. All contracts with users who do not understand or do not speak Bulgarian are concluded in English. Regardless of your national language, by completing the registration procedure you confirm that you fully understand the meaning of the present General Terms and Conditions in English.


16.1. The present General Terms and Conditions may be amended and supplemented at any time, at the discretion of VALDINI COUTURE, and the amendments and/or supplements will become effective as from the moment of their publication on the site of VALDINI COUTURE.

16.2. If any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are determined to be ineffective, illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws of any State or country in which these terms and conditions are intended to operate and be effective, then to the extent and within the jurisdiction of any such State such provisions are declared ineffective, unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, they will be deleted, and the remaining provisions will continue to be binding and enforceable and remain in full force and effect.