be like a butterfly. be feminine. be unique.

Valdini Couture Svetoslava Kirilova Fashion Designer

Dear Ladies,


My name is Svestoslava Kirilova, fashion designer and owner of VALDINI Couture. Fashion is my biggest passion! As my heart and my mind are full of new ideas, I always leave a piece of my soul in every gown designed in our atelier!


Our VALDINI dresses are made for self-confident and dynamic women who want to impress. Women who may be compared with butterflies that many cultures associate with femininity and elegance. Because we believe that the right dress can make every appearance special!


Every gown is 100% handmade, unique and individual! Our team strives to deliver our customers that special feeling of wearing something created only for them. That is why we recreate the casual models in significantly limited editions, and each of the couture dresses is one-of-a-kind single piece, just like a diamond. Wearing the dress, you may be sure that you look remarkable!


During our work, we combine different fabrics, thus a dress may be made of three or more textiles. As we are absolutely in love with floral and butterfly appliqué details, we handcraft and incorporate them into many of our models, too.


At Valdini we strive to create dresses and fashion collections for modern and fashion-driven women. We hope you will find your new jewel among them!


Yours sincere,